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[Single] Mahogany Stylez ‘R.B.E’

Known for her sheer diversity and unadulterated hustle, Mahogany Stylez embodies the concept of “Women in Hip Hop.” As a Rapper/Song Writer/Model/Host, she positions herself in a way that will leave no room to NOT be a staple in the Entertainment Industry. Hip Hop raised her and thus she was coined “Hip Hop’s Little Sister,” later the “Princess of Hip Hop.” She serves up raw honest vocals, wrapped in a flow that is so unique and a voice that is true to herself, her brand IS an art form. From an early age, Mahogany exposed and thrusted herself into anything that was related to the Art, and so it comes as no surprise that Mahogany Stylez has her hands in many pots, across all things entertainment. From Music and Hip Hop, to Modeling and Brand Collaborations, to Hosting, and building her own multi operation empire, including her latest Brand Launch, Hippie Stixx Co., a Lifestyle Cannabis Accessories Brand, Mahogany Stylez is surely a powerhouse, with only so much more promise of what is to come. She’s already been published on a slew of mixtapes over her career but is most recognized for her debut EP “Str8 Stylin the EP,” and singles like “I Swear,” and “Diary,” and more recent singles, like “Dirty Low,” and “Play No Games.” “Dirty Low” was featured on Safaree’s “Get Straiiittt” Mixtape Series. She has actively been involved in publishing her own music projects, balancing modeling, and host bookings, to hosting and producing two Podcasts of her own, including a personal Talk/Dish style podcast, “The Mahogany StylezExperience,” and her Independent Artist Spotlight podcast, “The Sunday Funday Mix Show.” It’s safe to say that Mahogany Stylez is a talented force. Looking to release more music, she also looks forward to tapping back into Film and Television. No matter what she’s doing, she’s sure to deliver. Currently working on 2 new projects, Mahogany recently released a new anthem like record “R.B.E” and ode to the female hustlers.

Continue to follow the Mahogany Stylez journey, to see where she will land next!

Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Music Link:

[Video] Dymondz Ft. Ant Fisher “Ain’t Even Finished”

Coming Straight Out The Middle Of The Map Lincoln, Nebraska Upcoming Midwest Artist ”Dymondz” With A Sound & Style He Can Match With Any Hip/Hop, Pop, RnB Artist Today. Unique Flow, Punchline Bars, Passionate Writer, Story Teller, Lyricist. Hungry Artist Looking 2 Tell The World His Story!!

Booking Info @Dymondz



Richie Milano “Something For The Haters” Single | @Richiemilano_

Richie Milano, a South Carolina native is making a name for himself by touching multiple genres of music such as R&B, Rap, and Pop. He uses this as an influence to help create a uniquely fresh sound while paying homage to those that came before him. He is not afraid to experiment and try his hand at creating something that fans resonate with or can vibe with in the culture today.
Richie Milano wants his fans to fully understand the picture he is painting while being able to enjoy the music. His career began incredibly early as a freshman in college. In 2018, he released his debut single “Flex” under his name CT. After transitioning to Richie Milano, he then released an EP in late 2019 entitled “Element” and a six-song project entitled “Torn in Two” in April 2020 where he talks about the battles he’s dealt with in his relationships with women.

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Richie Milano released four singles in 2021 with “Loyalty over Love” being his most streamed song getting him national recognition. With the momentum from his 2021 singles, Richie Milano displays his range with his 2022 project “Go Big or Go Home” where he talks about coming into his own as an artist and striving for his dreams. You can follow him on all social media and on YouTube team.

King D Witcher “Unlike” Single | @AR_KingD

King D Witcher aka KD Witcher a Chattanooga TN, artist who always made his own lane is back with his new single “UNLIKE” prod. By Marz. His versatility is very unique and one of a kind. Owning his own record label Anticipated Records, he has worked with plenty of talented artist from his hometown, Atlanta and knoxville. With almost a year since his last release, King D is prepared to get business back on track with dope music. Rumor is that he and T-Rell have an unreleased track together but no release date has been set just yet.

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Follow D Witcher:
Twitter: @AR_KingD
Instagram: AR_KingD

Slime Krime “Blixk Talk” Music Service | @SlimeKrime

GWOP Life Inc proudly presents Slime Krime. It’s time to feed the streets and Slime Krime, the Decatur, GA. Native does not disappoint. Teaming up with Kevlar for production on this 17-track offering, Slime Krime leaves no room for doubt. He is not; next, he is now. Please share your favorite tracks and add them to your playlist.

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Check back often and stay tuned for more releases, market visits, pop-up shops, and more.

Follow Slime Krime | Slime Krime Music | “Blixk” All Platforms | DJ Service Pack | Audiomack | Soundcloud | “All Or Nothin” Official Video

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Rahim Booker JR is a songwriter and artist from Detroit, Michigan. Rahim Booker JR enjoy recording in the studio, writing music, performing on stage and the learning experience that comes with his craft. Rahim Booker JR started writing when he was in middle school, but started taking his music career serious in 2018.

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube Link: WAKE UP by Rahim Booker JR FT. Janell

[Single] Ri$ky – Nas Raised Me

Ri$ky pays homage to his idol NAS in his newest release “Nas Raised Me”. This is something that’s well needed in the hip hop music culture. Ri$ky was born in South Carolina & raised in Hawaii.


[Single] Papa Sélavi – I Was Broke

Papa Sélavi was born in Haiti the outskirts of Ocap one of the worst parts of Haiti. Immigrant to the broward at age 8 years old with mom and brother and dad. Was heavily influenced by the streets of broward and hip hop and rap music. Learned how to speak English by 10 by 13 was heavy in the streets getting into lots of trouble. But always maintain a positive attitude and turn my life around and got into making music about 25 years old. Started a record label with long time friends mindset and bam snapz and took music really serious 2 years ago. Drop 2 mixtapes and two eps in two years with many singles in between. I have a new single called “I was broke” releasing this week 8/19/2022 and another mixtape second one this years coming real soon.

Got lots of back story not to sure exactly what you looking.

Twitter @badazzpoppa Facebook @papaselavi Instagram @papaselavi one music link: Papa Sélavi

[Video] Pep Rally-Turn The Radio Up (Klubjumpers REMIX)

The current Philadelphia musical renaissance is spearheaded by the recording studios and rock clubs in town. Foremost among these venues is MilkBoy, run by producer/engineer Tommy Joyner, who also produces music at the Philadelphia recording studio of the same name. Hosting and recording sessions for artists like Lana Del Ray, Silk Sonic, Miley Cyrus, and James Taylor, Joyner is a songwriter himself, and, surrounded by so much creativity and growth, it was inevitable that he’d eventually get around to recording his own music. To nobody’s surprise, the music being created by Joyner is polished, tuneful, sharply composed, and wholly irresistible. His band PEP RALLY makes grown-up pop-rock of the best kind: immediate yet thoughtful, muscular but approachable, intelligent but always danceable, and ideal for offbeat stages like MilkBoy. Winsome melodies, some six-string crunch, sleek vocal harmonies, deft use of synthesizers, and a propulsive beat that underscores his songs’ messages of forward momentum and the importance of seizing the moment. Best of all, Joyner’s flexible vocals — sometimes sweetly sung, sometimes spoken, always clear, forthright, and engaging — reveal him to be a frontman with the charisma and appeal worthy of the Philadelphia indie scene he’s done so much to foster. The first single from Pep Rally’s upcoming album is the anthemic “Turn The Radio Up (Own The Night),” featuring a winsome melody, some six-string crunch, sleek vocal harmonies, deft use of synthesizers, and a propulsive beat that underscores the song’s message of forward momentum and the importance of seizing the moment. Best of all, Joyner’s flexible vocals — sometimes sweetly sung, sometimes spoken, always clear, forthright, and engaging — reveal him to be a frontman with the charisma and appeal worthy of the Philadelphia indie scene he’s done so much to foster.


Instagram: Twitter: For interviews and press Contact 702-569-8541 IG @dgentertainment.1

[Video] Ché P of P2Quare ‘Stayin Alive”

Ché P of P2Quare introducing a new single (with music video): Stayin Alive.   August 2022 – Could you imagine what it would be like if Dr. Dre and 2Pac rolled into one, creating a monster mash of west coast and east coast sound? It would be totally legendary!   Well, the lucky thing is that you no longer need to imagine this. You can simple check out Ché P of P2Quare, an artist who set out to take the rap world by storm with his one-of-a-kind approach. Also known as a member of P2Quare, Ché P is all about continually setting the bar higher with new ideas that make his flow feel fresh at all times. His most recent release, Stayin Alive “Overtown Hop” is a perfect example. The song was released via Mouthz of Lionz Productions, and it was recorded at Camp David Studios in Miami, Florida. Like some of the best rap songs coming out of Miami, this one packs some heat as well!   At the end of the day, Stayin Alive is a truly fantastic track, which is not only a great taste of what Ché P is all about, but also a really fantastic way to kickstart the new year with something awesome right off the bat! The song channels the artist’s passion for old-school hip-hop, with all of those amazing “golden age” type sound, capturing a bit of a funk edge to the grooves and beats.   However, there is also a more contemporary approach to the sound, which feels so distinctive and unique in terms of clarity and punch. What really stands out about this new song is the impact of the production, which is absolutely comparable to world-class artists such as 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Kendrick Lamar, Andrè 3000, and Dr. Dre, among others. The sound of this release is a perfect taste of innovation, and it is just what is needed to bring this genre to a whole new dimension of creativity, far from the usual cliches.   Find out more about Ché P of P2Quare and do not miss out on Stayin Alive “Overtown Hop”. The song is also going to be accompanied by a matching music video!
Instagram: @p2quare Twitter: @CheEveryday
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