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Promo Palace LLC Music & Entertainment Blog

K.O From The Pilla “Bless Up Season” | @kofromthepilla

K.O from the pilla was born Timothy Davenport in queens New York on February 17 1986 but moved to Detroit Michigan at an early age. He got the name (K.O) from always going in the studio and knocking his songs out in one take and (the pilla) part is the nick name of the city he grew up in (Highland Park Michigan) also known as Hp or H pilla. It’s A small city a little over a mile long and a mile wide right in the heart of Detroit says K.O. He started rapping in high school just having fun with friends but didn’t take it serious until years later. K.O lives in Detroit but you couldn’t tell by the way he raps because his style is different and more like the style of his birth place (New York). Which also makes sense to why he says some of his influences are Fabolous, Loon, and Diddy just to name a few. K.O says he is well on his way with more new music to come so be paying attention.

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Sess 4-5 “Sauce” Lyric Video | @SESS45

Sess 4-5 and Nuthin But Fire Records present to us a #TBT hit. This one is for the Ladies. “Sauce,” is Sess 4-5’s ode to amazing women everywhere. When a woman has that aura, it cant be mistaken. On this BlaqNMild produced track, Sess 4-5 delivers clever and pays homage to his Favorite Lady. Check out the lyric video and support the movement.

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Make sure to support Sess 4-5 by following his campaign on all social networks.

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[Video] Mr. MooQ ‘No One’ | @mr_mooq

Mr. MooQ writes songs that are, at times both “Old Fashioned” and also very contemporary. Pulling emotions from the deep well of his experiences, Mr. MooQ writes and produces music alive with “feeling.” His thought-provoking lyrics are sung with a different spin, combining beautiful melodies with powerful grooves. Though the beats may change and the production will vary, every song tells a story and is written from the heart. With the release of his latest video for the song “No One”, Mr. MooQ brings us through the haze into the side of reality that is his realm. Mr. MooQ romances the world of groove to a whole new level, Inventing a hybrid genre he calls EDM-Lite/Synth/Pop his music is passionate, unique ,and witty. “No One” is most definitely a love song of both meaning and character, the narration of one saying, and seemingly admitting that he may not have anything of “this world” to offer, may not have wealth and fame.. but they have heart, true love, honesty and honor.. which is all that really matters. a great song we really need to hear and have in our lives these days. For as long as he can remember the young man felt the music coursing through his soul. No matter the day’s activities and distractions it seemed music was ever present with melodies and lyrics in his thought processes. So it was natural for him as he grew older to explore how he could incorporate music more fully into his life. After high school he trekked to Los Angeles because at that time if you were serious about music that is where you went, sleeping in his car to save money for pay for studio time. He met, and played with a lot of veteran professional musicians gleaning industry and composition knowledge from everyone he encountered. Returning back home he founded a group called The New Occupants that delved into a new music genre – EDM. This talented group produced a number of electronic dance tunes that quickly earned significant international acclaim. Despite this success the man was unable to completely sate his musical muse because he was finding his primary love, musical composition could not be limited to just one genre. More and more he was drawn into studio production work so that his wide ranging muse could be released to develop music in a variety of formats, and for a wide variety of purposes. As an award winning musical artist and performer, he has enjoyed the accolades of success, including a Cleo in the advertising industry and developing music for numerous industries and commercial productions. He became sought out for his production talents, but still stove for perfecting his personal genre and style. A few years back the man awoke from a dream to recognize the missing component was his initial foundation of developing and playing full songs as he did in his youth. He drew upon those long-ago memories to introduce an imaginary childhood friend by the name of Mr. MooQ who would serve to provide voice to his desire to once again return to some of the roots of his musical motivations. He became this persona, and now Mr. MooQ is no longer imaginary, but very, very real. Mr. MooQ has worked hard to refine and evolve his musical sound into a hybrid genre that he refers to as EDM-Lite/Synth/Pop. Calling upon his life experiences this new music reflects on life’s intricacies and nuances combining thoughtful and witty lyrics with catchy melodies that often are very ‘danceable’, but also thought provoking. Check out Mr. MooQ’s latest musical efforts. You might just find that musical voice for which you have been looking.

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Twitter @mr_mooq

Yung Stakks “Swing My Door” ft G Herbo (Video) | @yungstakks_

Chine Music artist Yung Stakks recently linked with Chicago rap star G Herbo and dropped another Westside Chicago street anthem titled”Swing My Door”. The Glazer & KXVI produced record has proven to be a breakout hit and with the release of it’s animated video the momentum kept building. Today, we bring to you the No More Heroes presented official video, check it out and stay tuned, more to come.

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K1ng Zoe “73″ ft Billion Berg – Video | @K1ngzoe_a2o

Against All Odds Music Group artist K1ng Zoe linked with Billion Berg for the release of his single “73”. Today we present to you the official video. Checkout this homage to donk culture, candy cars, and big rims.

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For more music and updates follow K1NG ZOE on social media everywhere.

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Dolo Money “I’m The One” Lyric Video | @DoloMoneyEnt

Baltimore, MD; Dolo Money let’s it be known who he is on “I’m The One”. He’s making boss moves and living the fast lifestyle, while detailing how he handles business and the haters, all while having a few ladies along for the ride. Check out all the lyrics behind this powerful single and understand why Dolo Money states “I’m The One”.

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Follow Dolo Money on social media and be sure to listen and playlist on your favorite streaming platform.

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Nique Got-It “Mention Me” Single | @NiqueGot_It

“Mention Me” by NiqueGotIt is the next banger from the CMC Entertainment LLC, camp, and NiqueGotIt delivers as expected. Michigan native, rapper and recording artist NiqueGotIt is on a quest to the top. “I’m catching the vibe / controlling my peace / protecting my energy”…this bar sums it all up best no matter the test or obstacle NiqueGotIt is ready and able to make his mark. From a whispering hater, to the next to blow be sure to mention NiqueGotIt.

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Sess 4-5 “Dats Wassup” Single | @SESS45

Nuthin But Fire Records presents New Orleans, LA based rapper and recording artist Sess 4-5 drops off his latest offering “Dats Wassup” produced by Sinista on da Traxx, is making noise in the streets of the Big Easy. Accompanied by a dope visual, directed by Private Billions, available on youtube, this track is sure to keep you moving and grooving.

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Make sure to support Sess 4-5 by following his campaign on all social networks.

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Frank G. West “Vicious Dog” Single

Check out new single by Frank G. West titled “Vicious Dog”.

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Connect w/ Frank G. West

Twitter: @frank_g_west
Tik Tok: @frankgwest
FB: @Frank G. West
IG: _frank.g.west_

Karizma “The Re-Up” Video | @karizma62b

Checkout new video “The Re-Up” by artist Karizma, Directed by Blac Gotti.

Connect w/ Karizma:
Twitter: @karizma62b
Instagram: karizma62b
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