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Promo Palace LLC Music & Entertainment Blog

3 Main Reasons Artist Don’t Get Picked Up By Radio Stations

Okay here we go again.Being that the music business is the only business on the planet that people try to break into and don’t know anything about the business its time to properly educate.I want to get into the 3 main reasons why most artist do not get picked up for radio.I recently wrote a blog about this but i feel i need to go into depth a little more and get the point across a little better.The first reason most artist don’t get picked up by radio is because unsigned artist do not bring listeners to the station.If your music personally is not gonna bring hundreds even thousands of listeners to a station then you have no right to expect them to play your music on there station.Once again talent doesn’t dictate the music business and it especially dictate radio how many listeners you are going to personally bring to the station is the only thing that does.Now I want to get into the final two reasons most artist do not get picked up for radio is cause your music is not properly encoded in 320 kbs which is the highest quality you can encode you music in. So basically any song encoded less then 320 kbs is encoded lower quality its that simple.The last reason most artist do not get picked up for radio is the biggest problem i have with my station music not being properly id tagged.All stations require music to be properly id tagged so when they load the song into the system artist name and song title shows up correctly,how unprofessional does it look when you go to broadcast a song and there’s no artist name or no song title name.So basically the station is suppose to air a song with no artist name and say what we got that new single from well we don’t know his name but here you go enjoy .Not having your music properly id tagged or properly encoded goes back to what i said i about this being the only business where people try to get into the business and do know anything about the business.Attention all artist out there inspiring to be a professional recording artist need to follow professional recording artist as well as music industry and radio standards and not knowing these standards in the music industry and in the world of radio is no excuse when you are trying to break into this business.You might as well jump into a pool of sharks with without knowing how to swim cause that’s what most artist are doing by trying to break into this business and not know anything about it ,so please educate yourself and learn the business before you waste a lot of time and money into something you have no real knowledge about.I have included some links below for those who don’t how to I.d tag a mp3 or don’t know why to I.d tag a mp3 but there is no going around it and not only is it standards its mandatory you have no choice if you want to make it in this business but follow the rules.

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