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Phreckle$ – On My Mind

Rapper/singer Phreckle$ is already an internationally acclaimed model, known as Amanda Smith, for shooting for some of the top photographers, magazines, and brands worldwide. Now she is pursuing her long-time passion for music. Growing up as an outcast, where she felt misunderstood, music was always there. From picking up the trumpet at age 9, to performing in Carnegie Hall with the best instrumentalists in her school at age 12, to playing bass guitar in 4 different punk bands in her teenage years, music has always been a huge part of Phreckle$’ life. Always a strong writer, Phreckle$ began to write rhymes every day in high school at the age of 16. It wasn’t until she became close to a music artist and producer in 2012, that she decided to put her writing to music. When she first started, she went under the name of FemaLe, and says that “I was just writing about what everyone else was writing about- drugs, alcohol, partying until I realized that music was my opportunity to tell my story and help others through theirs. I got really honest and started writing about the things I was going through. I wanted to give people hope because I had certain songs that always gave me hope when I was feeling hopeless.” This change launched her new found stage name and purpose, as Phreckle$. She continues to say, “I always felt that I didn’t belong anywhere, because of my red hair and Freckles. So Phreckle$ is really about taking your differences, accepting and embracing them, and overcoming any obstacles you have in your life.” Her first big single, “On My Mind,” is available on iTunes and Spotify. When asked about the inspiration for the song, she said “I had a producer named Traknologist that I was working with on the east coast, we had met through another artist in California, and just stayed in contact and became friends over time. Eventually, he hit me up and said that his dad got a new car and wanted to drive cross country, so we decided to record a song together in person. I heard the beat, and immediately knew what I wanted the song to be about. I’ve always been more of a rapper, so it took me more takes than usual to get the singing down, I had to push past my insecurities with singing to get the right sound. His dad played the guitar on the record and we recorded it right in my living room, then sent it over to our friend Skool for mixing. The record is about when you have feelings for someone, but you don’t know if they feel the same way- you’re thinking about them, and it’s just that nervous energy you feel when you have a crush.” The video for “On My Mind,” was shot in Los Angeles by fashion photographer Irvin Rivera- Phreckle$ said “I wanted to have a fashion photographer shoot the video, because they know how to work with a model I think it’s very different to shoot with a model than it is to shoot an actor or a music artist. I know how to work the camera, and they know how to capture it in the most beautiful way possible. Irvin and I have worked on multiple projects together, and he has an amazing artistic eye. I knew that he was the perfect fit to capture what I wanted to capture, combining both my worlds of music and modeling.” With so much success with her modeling career thus far, Phreckle$ has proven her strong work ethic, and the world is now watching to see where she’s going to go with the music. Keep an eye on this one!

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