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Promo Palace LLC Music & Entertainment Blog

Why Talent Doesn’t Dictate Getting Paid Shows Or Radio Airplay.

I have dealt with thousands of musicians over the years and about 90%

of them have the wrong idea about everything in the music business

especially getting paid shows and getting radio airplay.See the

problem is most artist or musicians think they should get paid to

perform on get radio airplay cause they are talented.I hate to say it

but you’re all wrong and that’s far from the truth that’s the way you

think it should be guess what its not that way.If said this over and

over again talent does not and will not dictate you making it and

being successful in the music business how many actual real fans you

have is the only thing that dictates.Like for example we have dozens

of artist wondering why they have to pay to get on our available tour

dates and why they will not get paid to perform.So i ask you as a

musician are you as an artist gonna bring hundreds or even thousands

fans through the door to watch you perform if not the why would

anyone pay you to perform.What you don’t understand is its not the

venue or the show promoters job to bring fans through the door its

the musicians job.That’s why people book popular musicians to perform

cause they will bring fans through the door.The same thing goes for

radio.We have had artist in the past get upset about submitting music

to our station cause we don’t pay royalties.Ok why don’t we pay

royalties first of all if you as musician have not brought one single

listener to my station then why should i pay you royalties its the

musicians job to bring listeners to the station not the stations

job.And being that the station program director brings all the

listeners to the station personally that is why we don’t pay

royalties and why most stations will not play your music.If you do

not bring listeners to a station then you can not expect radio play

and every fm radio station follows that motto and so do show

promoters if your music is not gonna bring fans through that door

buying tickets then you can not expect paid shows.If the headliner is

someone else and they bring all the fans and not you then why should

someone pay you to perform cause your talented if that were only

true.This is a business and the music business is not american idol

labels are not looking for talented artist they are looking for

established artist meaning artist who have actual real fan base and i

hate to tell you if you have yet to sell and actual record then you

have yet to gain one actual real fan.Like i always if labels were

looking for talented then Trinadad James would have never signed

with def jam.I know the truth hurts but this is music business and

its the truth.

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